NOTE:  See below...there is a new release of the image which fixes a printing issue.  I have made all the most recent updates as well. NEW 2012 image and imaging solution are ready for testing!  You can grab the latest imaging tool (for your USB stick) HERE....Windows version or Linux version.  You can download the latest image  
Open 1 to 1 was simply the better solution. The netbooks cost less, the imaging solution was better, the machines were so intuitive that they didn't need additional training, and the operating system has been rock solid: no viruses, software corruption, or maintenance. - Leavitt High School
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An Effective, Low-Cost 1 to 1 Educational Computing Solution

The advantages of joining Open 1-to-1 are numerous and exciting:

  • The possibility of using netbooks/low cost laptops reduces the cost of deployment.
  • The operating system and software used will be open source allowingschools to gain tremendous functionality, and be able to share it with students, educators, and the community at large without licensing constraints.
  • Professional development and training will be open to everyone, so teachers with a great idea will be able to share and train others, and be reimbursed for their time.
  • And there will be no vendor lock-in: Choose your hardware, your support services, your training resources for what best fits your schools needs and budget.